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Monday, July 9, 2012

Playing with Paper: Zendala Challenge

I like to use watercolor paper when I create my Zengangles and my Zentangle inspired drawings.  It is as close as I could find at the local craft store to the original tiles that you buy from  But in all honesty, it is the paper I chose to use first before I had any tiles from Zentangle and now, it is the paper that I prefer.  I like how it shades as well as takes the ink from the micro pens.  Despite this, I was excited at the added challenge from Erin to use different paper in the challenge this week.

After reading the challenge, I decided that I was going to use origami paper.  I love origami paper.  I think that it is beautiful.  However, I didn't have any.  So, I loaded up the kids and we went to the store.  If you've ever looked at origami paper, you'll know that there is a lot to choose from.  So many colors and patterns!  It was a bit over whelming.  Plus, I didn't need a lot of it.  Let's face it.  I will not be trying the beautiful art of origami.  I get type A about some things, but I don't think that I can be as precise as the folding requires.

I know! Zentangle like!
But, I digress.  While flipping though the paper I cam across paper that jumped out at me.  The black and white patterns said "HEY ZENTANGLE!" to me.  They are quite inspirational these little squares.  I think that I may hang up some in my studio or use them as background paper to display some of my Zentangles.  One thing I learned though is that that these patters are wonderful but they do not make great background to draw on.  I find that they compete with the eye against the drawing.  If I had to do it over, I would choose some larger patterns or some that are only color.  I also used Sakura Gelly Roll pens for the drawing.  I figured that the larger lines would help.  You'll have to be the judge on that though.  The origami paper also doesn't shade as well as watercolor paper.

Without further comment, I present my tries at the challenge.  I made three on the origami paper.  One in red, one in orange and one in black.

Again, I enjoyed the challenge.  I really love the paper that I found. But I don't think that together, they were successful.  Thanks Erin for another great Zendala template.  I really like this one.  So much that I am making yet another go at this template.  This time it is on a 12" X 12" canvas and using paint pen.  When I get it finished, I'll get a photo up.

Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. I'm the same as you - I always use watercolour paper for my zentangles as I like the weight and roughness of it, as well as being able to paint on it without fear of the paper rippling. Anyway I digress! I love your zendalas! Especially the red one - I like how the paper pattern shows through the pen - it makes it look transparent.

  2. I love how the patterns in the background accent your tangles. Lovely work.

  3. Love all three, but for me the first one is the winner.

    Annemarie Huijts

  4. Wow, your black/white backgrounds are all effective and lovely. Not sure I have a favorite, though the color in the last two are so dynamic and eyecatching!

  5. They are all very eye-catching. Nice job!

  6. Very nice work. Lovely choice of paper, and tangles. The paper accents the tangles without overwhelming them.

  7. i like how the red on black and white looks - very elegant! they really have some cool origami paper on the market, don't they!

  8. Very nice work. You have some great ideas.