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Saturday, August 16, 2014

New App and Contest!

Hello! It has been a while since I posted but I wanted to take a moment and share some exciting news!

Last month I was contacted by John Young of  John Young Apps to work with him to create a coloring app based on Zentangles.  John already has one app, Coloring Advanced in the app store and it's pretty cool.  Having never created coloring pages before, I thought that I would enjoy the challenge so I accepted it.

I created the 12 images in the app using my own tangle patterns as well as some of the official tangle patterns.  Once they were done, I scanned them and sent them off to John who then did the hard part/magic and created the app.

The app is complete and has been accepted by the Apple App Store and will be available on August 31st.  There will be two versions available, one is free with ads, and a paid version that has no ads and some extra color options.  All the images will be available in both versions of the app.  But before that happens, I have 5 codes to giveaway that will make the full, ad free version available to you before it is available to the world.  I have both versions and John's other app and I can tell you that the apps are fun and easy to use.

If anyone is wondering, I will not be making any money from this app.  It was John's idea and John's hard work to create the app.  I will however be offering a download of the images in the app through my etsy shop for the same price as the paid app ($1.99) should anyone wish to support me and/or like to color the images on paper.

So, now that all the talking is out of the way, now for the fun part.  Entering!  There are going to be 5 winners.  Each winner will get ONE code to open a fully unlocked and ad free version of Coloring Advanced App.  I am also running the contest on my Facebook Fan page, and instagram account (@tinkertangles).  If you'd like to enter there you can, but you may only win one time.

This contest is run on Rafflecopter and starts tomorrow.  I am not smart enough to embed the code here so, Enter here to win!