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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Use my Tangle: Golven

It's the first challenge of a new month so that means a Use My Tangle challenge!  This month the tangle is Golven by Mariet.  I love this tangle.  I have used it several times since Mariet published the steps.  It is easy to use, not a lot of steps, and looks great shaded and unshaded.

I have used Golven as a border and in spaces before but I have never curved it before so I drew my string so that I would have a nice curved place to draw it.  After I got Golven in, I experimented with the center a bit and decided to add stripes to the outer edge.  The lines in Golven had me in a stripe mood so I also used Hollibaugh in my last little triangle of space.  The shading in this one popped it all out for me.  

I'm quite pleased with it.  Thanks for taking a look!  I can't wait to go and check out what everyone else has done.


  1. It reminds me of a sun bursting forth from the clouds! It is wonderful!

  2. It's beautiful curved, and the combination of tangles make a great composition. The shading makes it complete!

  3. Nicely done, your striped border echoes Gloven beautifully.

  4. Wouldn't have thought to use something so seemingly straight as a spiral - great job!!

  5. The whole tile is great! But, I must say, I'm drawn to the striped outer ring also/!!!