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Friday, May 27, 2011

I'm hooked!

I first saw zentangles online.  I began seeing them on Momentile where Kit and Heather began posting their work as their daily photos.  I was taken by the lovely drawings they were making.  The simplicity, clean lines, and patterns pulled me in and I began to think that MAYBE I could try my hand at such things.

So, I added a few sketch books and pens to my wish list hoping that maybe I'd get some for Christmas.  My husband got me the sketch books, I got some pens and I was off!  At first I was just wondering in the dark a bit.  I checked Kit's blog for inspiration, the official Zentangle web site and blog for guidance and set out. 

This is my first tangle.  Well, the first that I will admit to.  At first I felt a bit lost and that I needed some guidance in this process.  So for help, I ended up ordering Totally Tangled by Sandy Steen Bartholomew from Amazon.  The book gave me the basic starting points, how-to for patterns and the confidence I needed to move forward.  While this first tangle doesn't follow the standard for a zentangle, I was happy with it.  I learned how to get started and how to make some tangles.

From there, I was hooked and now I can't stop!  I draw almost every day and often too late into the night.  I'm hooked on the sense of accomplishment the tangles give me.  Knowing that I have tackled a new pattern that I didn't think I could do is empowering.  Completing a new tile gives me something that I can hold in my hand and show others what I have done.  Of course, the feedback from friends, family and the zentangle community is ADDICTING!  Talk about validation! I am a total junky now and I have no regrets.

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