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Friday, August 19, 2011

Tile on a Tile - Challenge 35

It feels like forever since I've blogged and posted!  I was visiting family for two weeks and got out of the swing of things.  I think that I'm almost back though and to prove it, I have done and will post this weeks challenge in a timely fashion!

This week The Diva's challenge was guest hosted by Margaret Bremner of  I loved Margaret's challenge tiles and thought they looked so wonderful!  It was fun to play with the thickness of the border.  Something that I think I shall keep in mind for the future.

So, as it is late and I'm still feeling rusty, I will get to the reason you are here, my tile...

I hope that you like it!


  1. I DO like it! You kept the background fairly dark, which helps the lighter 'mini-tile' stand out.

  2. Very dramatic, your dark background does play up the inner tile beautifully.

  3. I DO like it, too! Your contrast of patterns & light/dark is great!