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Friday, January 6, 2012

Time Lord Tangle

Another blog post, another gift!  This, as the title may imply is a Dr. Who inspired tangle.  I have a very dear friend that is a big Dr. Who fan.  She has turned me into a fan as well.  I'm not as versed on the lore as she is so I was walking a bit in the dark with this one.  I kept checking my self though so I hope that I didn't get anything wrong.

The symbol in the middle is the Gallifreyan symbol for either Gallifrey or the symbol for the head of the Time Lords.  (For anyone who doesn't know, Gallifrey is the planet that Dr. Who comes from.)  I found several different notes on the internet as to what it is exactly.

The language of the Time Lord is most often shown as being circular.  It is quite steampunk looking and really cool.  Because of the circular language, I decided to use a lot of circular patterns as well as other patterns that look "spacey".
After I got Rain done and took a look from a far I was so excited that it reminded me of bow ties.  The angle that I made the triangles look like bows to me which is great because the current Dr. often wears a bow tie. (Bow Ties are cool!)

I hid a TARDIS (Dr.Who's ship) up in the top with Strircles. You can't have the Dr. without his TARDIS so I wanted it to be there but to blend in as it were.  :)

Over on the right side, I wanted to further involve the TARDIS but from the inside.  In many versions of the TARDIS, there are the great panels on the sides of the wall that have circles in them.  So I created a pattern to call this to mind. My 11 year old says that it reminds him of the Daleks body (the villains in many an episode).  I confess that it does a bit so I guess this pattern will have to pull double duty.
To frame the finished piece, it is 10X10 (I think.) I picked out some scrapbook paper in "TARDIS Blue", mounted the drawing, and then put it all in a 12X12 frame. 

I am happy to report that Kara got it all in one piece and is quite happy with it as well.


  1. Oh my goodness!!!!! that is the seal of Rassillon and the next tattoo i want to get on my right shoulder! almost choked on my pretzel when i saw this. AWESOME!

  2. this is AMAZING!

  3. That is really awesome! My kids will love this!

    Leona from Colorado

  4. I love your Tangles. I started a Pin-page for my young 2 Grand daughters and one Grand niece. Just a simple one for the girls to go to and hopefully be entertained and inspired. I posted several simple tangles, of flowers. Easy for the girls to attempt and like their results. As it turned out, they were yours!! Thank you so much for this site. I will be coming back, both for my Grand Girls, and my own inspirations.

  5. very nice, I really like it!
    the symbol is not the symbol of Gallifrey itself, but that of the high council of Gallifrey :)

    -xx- Dutch Whovian.