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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pinwheels for Peace

Today is the International Day of Peace!  Get out there and spread the peace because we sure could use it.

In honor of this day and the Pinwheels for Peace project, The Diva has challenged us all to create our own pinwheel.  I was afraid that I was going to miss the deadline but I got in just under the wire!  This was a fun and new way to create some zentangle.  I chose to actually create a pinwheel and I found myself thinking more about what patterns to put together and how they would translate to a 3D page.

I ended up cutting a square of watercolor paper to tangle on.  I am happy to report that my pinwheel even spins!  I took it outside on this cloudy day to try and get a photo and the pinwheel kept spinning in the breeze.  I just wish I had an outside pinwheel to tangle now.

Finished and all put together!

The inside.

Outside flaps


  1. Beautiful patterns! I saw a lawn full of spinning pinwheels at a school today. They really make a statement.

  2. Oh wow!!! Your pinwheel is GREAT!

  3. Great pinwheel! And thank you for demonstrating which 'flaps' to tangle on!

  4. Very clever, thanks for the directions! Beautiful tangling!

  5. Glorious, what detail, thank you for including the tangle names.

  6. OMG your tangles are just gorgeous - love the density but still so flowing. You ended up with such a great pinwheel!

  7. Just Gorgeous!! I am definitely going to make a "real" pinwheel soon!!

  8. That's a beauty, JJ. Nicely done!