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Friday, June 3, 2011

Wedding Gift

For my next big project (9X12") I am going to make a wedding gift for some friends.  Well, I'm going to try anyway.  I'm going to use peacocks in the design.  The bride is Indian and the beautiful invitation had peacocks on it.

I got my peacock from a Dover book of Indian designs that I have.  I scanned it with my scanner and made it bigger. I also inverted it so I could have one on either side of the page.  I'm just using the shape of the peacock.  I plan to fill the body with zentangles.  I must admit though, the tail is really great.  I'm trying to come up with a pattern for the tail and I may copy this one if I don't figure out something I like.  Right now I'm thinking of using Mooka.  It flows nicely and I can make the ends big to look like eyes.  I'm still playing with it though.

So far, this is what I have sketched out.  I realize that I should probably have a peahen and a peacock but I like the balance of the two tails.

I'm also trying to figure out what I want to do in the background but first I want to concentrate on the figures.  I will probably do them with the same tangles.  I think that way, they will remain balanced and not too busy.

My plan is to use some gold to accent and possibly colors that are on the invitation but I'd want to find the right colors.  I'm still deciding.  Some of you are so talented with your addition of color.  I add color in a more coloring book way (filling in my lines rather than drawing with it.) and it can look flat when I use it.  I'm sure that I'll be making a photo copy or two to try it out before I add it to the piece for real.

The invitation. Isn't it beautiful?
Sorry that the photos aren't so great.  I'm used my iPod to take these.  I'll try to take more with my camera for the next post. 


  1. Your nails look beautiful as well ;)

  2. :) Lucky for me that they are fake and I have't chewed them off yet.